Most companies feel challenged to properly engage and develop their leadership
teams- the old ways aren’t compelling, and frankly, we’ve all been there before.

Utilizing today’s latest technology we have built a visionary experience to
transform your team while developing core leadership competencies.

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We provide your organization with a corporate level team development experience that
is truly unique and engaging. A professional facilitator will develop and guide your team through an exciting
new solution to immerse, engage and inspire positive action.

See how to make your next development session the most effective yet.

Why your previous
team development
exercise flat lined


Today’s companies struggle to engage and train their teams in meaningful ways that
provide results. According to Salesforce.com
96% of execs cite lack of collaboration of ineffective communications
for workplace failures.


33% of employees say uninspiring content is a barrier to their learning (Train like a Champion)


13% of all employees are 'highly engaged' and 26% are 'actively engaged' according to Gallup. This tells us that something new is needed to increase retention rates and employee satisfaction.


The gamefication of learning will excel; game-driven learning tools will grow at a faster pace in 2017. By 2020, the gamefication market will reach $11.1 billion dollars.


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    Our program starts with a formal on-boarding process that includes a top level needs analysis. We discuss desired outcomes and current team dynamics. We want ensure we deliver results that are customized to your organizational goals.

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    On mission day, your participants will begin with a pre-experience briefing and facilitated benchmarking exercise. After this, they will be immersed in one of the most engaging experiences to develop their core leadership competencies. Following this experience, participants take part in a group debrief, facilitation and self-assessment. This is a full day program.

    Following the completion of this experience, a report will be issued by our facilitator.

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    6-8 months after the initial experience, a second half day program is facilitated for participants. Here, they are tasked with completing the mission in a slightly more difficult environment. This provides the opportunity to compare and contrast results from their previous efforts.


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Making an investment in your team’s development is always a question of the final outcomes and deliverables. We understand- we’ve been where you are and sat in your seat- so below are the results we expect you to receive.


You will receive a comprehensive report from our professional facilitator based on the measurable aspects of the program and participants- allowing you to better understand and gauge your team’s effectiveness.


By design, this program is meant to impact participants. The high level of engagement, interaction and immersion in this experience means the lessons, outcomes and growth will have lasting impacts on participants’ contribution to your organization.


Investing in your staff always comes at a price. Ensuring it is a valuable experience with tangible outcomes for the organization makes it an investment worth doing.

CFO asks CEO: “What happens if we invest in developing our people and they leave? What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”


As a business leader or owner, you have a lot invested in the success of your organization and the team behind it.
Companies are spending big money on training and development- shouldn’t you make sure you get the value you pay for?


$161.7 Billion

The gamefication of corporate training is increasing exponentially.
You need to be a part of this transition.



Boardroom Battleship is designed to take place over a 6 month period, using a combination of in person experiences and unique personal activities.


Our pricing structure is reflective of your specific needs and the type of package you choose.

Save time and money. Our full corporate team solution offers you the chance to separate your company and services while lowering your investment costs.

frequently asked questions

What exactly is Boardroom Battleship?

Boardroom Battleship is a fully portable, immersive virtual reality experience designed specifically for the corporate development market. Using the 6 key development areas for employees as identified by surveyed executives including: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, competition, listening, and, leadership the game takes players through a series of puzzles and tasks that can only be accomplished by utilizing these skills.

The game is designed for up to 8 players and runs between 30-45 minutes.

Who is Boardroom Battleship made for?

Our game was designed to be purchased by business owners committed to delivering a high quality, intentional product to their corporate clients. As fellow escape room owners, we understand the need (and challenge) to deliver a team building experience beyond the regular escape games currently available.

Where do you run the game? Is it portable?

Boardroom Battleship was specifically created to be an easily transportable game so it can be staged at your customer’s desired location- whether in a boardroom, breakout room, conference space or any other area with a large enough table for the required players. The technology used is straightforward and easy to transport and set up.

Is Virtual Reality difficult to use- what if I don’t know much about it...YET?

Definitely not! From a player perspective the equipment is comfortable, accessible and highly intuitive. Most of the activities and motions will be identical to those in real life- that certainly adds to the immersive experience. For operators, once the equipment has been configured and software loaded, the game set-up should take approx. 30-45 mins. We’ll provide step-by-step instructions to make sure you know what you are doing.

Your purchase also includes a first month of set-up support to get you operating as fast as possible. After this, we offer on-going service and support for a monthly service charge to make sure you are never alone.

What does a typical experience look like?

Our vision of use for the game has two main potentials. Stream A is a full (or half) day experience for a set group of participants. Generally speaking mid to high level management and company leadership.

A sample half day schedule might look like this:

8:30am arrival and continental breakfast

9:00am facilitator and group introductions; set the stage and objectives for the day

9:15am Pre-game discussion, briefing and preparation (outcomes, group expectations and deliverables)

9:30am Game begins

10:30am Game ends/break

10:45am Post-game facilitation

11:45am Lunch

Stream B includes a rotation of participants through the game and facilitation; timing would determine how long your on-site visit lasts. As an example:

8:30am First group (group A)of players arrive; receive briefing and game starts

9:45am First game ends, and group A moves to facilitation

9:45am Group B arrives and begins game

10:30am Group B game ends and moves to facilitation; Group A completes facilitation and returns to work

11:15am Group C arrives and begins game

12:00pm Group C game ends and moves to facilitation; Group B completes facilitation and returns to work

This schedule continues throughout the day as needed. Snacks/lunch may be organized.

Will virtual reality make me sick?

In general, there will always be a percentage of people who don’t take well to this type of visual stimulation. However, most VR sickness comes from a disconnect between your body movement and what your eyes are telling your brain. Our game is a seated, stationary game and this alone should eliminate the potential for sickness in nearly all players.

When will the game be ready?

We’ll announce pre-orders and game delivery via our mail list to those people who are interested.

Do you have any other VR games?

Boardroom Battleship is the first “level” of a multi-level series. We’re also working on the development of other VR games for the escape room market (sign up to our email list to receive future announcements)




Find out more about how Boardroom Battleship VR can help you! Contact a member of our team- we would love to hear more about your company and learn how we can help build your business success in the corporate marketplace.